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A web server to simulate sequences
based on indel parameters inferred using
an approximate Bayesian computation algorithm


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If a tree is not provided, the maximum likelihood (ML) tree will be computed from the input sequences and used with the SpartaABC algorithm.

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SpartaABC examines different values of the IR parameter. The IR parameter represents the ratio of indel to substitution events.
The default value of 0.05 represents a relatively high indel rate ratio. If you suspect your input to contain many indel events, you can increase this limit up to 0.1. Please take into account that this prolongs the runtime of the algorithm.

After SpartaABC's run - number of simulated datasets with the estimated indel parameters     

At the end of the SpartaABC run, you can use the estimated indel parameter values with your selected sequence simulator to produces simulated sequence datasets. The default value of 1 indicates a single simulated dataset will be produced. You can change this value to any non-negative integer of up to 100 to receive that many replicates. 0 indicates no simulated datasets.

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